Books, Games, and everything useless.

I am called Nimril of the Noldor. I am a Greyjoy, a Cousland, and an Atreides. I am a demigod, daughter of Apollo of the Half-Blood Camp. I am the High Lady Antillus of Alera. I am a half-blood sorted to Ravenclaw. I am a priestess of the Crooked Warden, the Benefactor. I come from Andor and is a Green Aes Sedai. I am a shur'tugal of Alagaesia, and a captain of a Chinese Celestial dragon. I am a Shadowhunter of the Herondale family. I am a Soldier of Halla. And I am a Ranger of the Phil fief.

I am the Flash. I am the Quicksilver. And I am a fire-bender.

I am a Sage of the Forest. I am a tomb raider. I am an Amazon. I am a Guardian. I am a Witcher. I am a Night Elf. And I drive an Aston Martin DB9 around Rockport City.

I am Jamie.

But seriously, I'm just a 21-year old human being who is a nurse but prefers to be a writer or anything related to literature, pens, writing and books. I'm just a clumsyand sensitive Filipina whose dream is to live in Japan in peace. Eh, what the heck.

I do not own the things I post here unless specified. Thank you :)

I guess that's how it's done.
There's the source, y'all.

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