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I am called Nimril of the Noldor. I am a Greyjoy, a Cousland, and an Atreides. I am a demigod, daughter of Apollo of the Half-Blood Camp. I am the High Lady Antillus of Alera. I am a half-blood sorted to Ravenclaw. I am a priestess of the Crooked Warden, the Benefactor. I come from Andor and is a Green Aes Sedai. I am a shur'tugal of Alagaesia, and a captain of a Chinese Celestial dragon. I am a Shadowhunter of the Herondale family. I am a Soldier of Halla. And I am a Ranger of the Phil fief.

I am the Flash. I am the Quicksilver. And I am a fire-bender.

I am a Sage of the Forest. I am a tomb raider. I am an Amazon. I am a Guardian. I am a Witcher. I am a Night Elf. And I drive an Aston Martin DB9 around Rockport City.

I am Jamie.

But seriously, I'm just a 21-year old human being who is a nurse but prefers to be a writer or anything related to literature, pens, writing and books. I'm just a clumsyand sensitive Filipina whose dream is to live in Japan in peace. Eh, what the heck.

I do not own the things I post here unless specified. Thank you :)

I guess that's how it's done.
There's the source, y'all.

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Lego Sofa

Bekky is lego inspired design. The modular rubberized foam pieces can be assembled into various sofa shapes.If you get tired of your Lego couch design one day, just rearrange the blocks and you have yourself a whole new

My dad would totally flip out of he sees this. He loves his vinyls too much.

But these are cool.

Cradle for Adults

Why should babies have all the fun? We all like to feel comfortable and secure. The Cradle came out of research regarding children with RMD or rhythmic movement disorder. The chair provides a safe, relaxing environment for them to calm their senses but the solution seemed applicable to anyone looking to escape the rigors of a 9-5 life. The entire piece is flatpack ready and all materials are sourced from environmentally friendly resources, right down to the glue that binds the initial plywood layers.

I can see myself seated here in relaxation.

Meh. First a painting, now a cake.

For lazy people. LOL. And kids, of course.

The milky way by radiomode